When you’ve put in the blood, sweat and tears to be a better man and have a body that is in peak condition that you’re proud of, you want to show it off to its best advantage.

Here we give you some fashion and style advice for men and show you how to use clothing and accessories in a way that is compatible with your active lifestyle and will let the healthiest, fittest version of yourself take center stage.

1. Make Bold Color Choices

Opting for colors that will get you noticed means that all eyes are on you and therefore likely to register that you clearly work out. A very important style advice for men anywhere. Don’t just wear any bright shades though, you should be conscious of what’s hot for the season and adjust your color palette accordingly.

For instance if red, a color linked to dominance, is popular this year incorporate it into your wardrobe with a neutral colored shirt for an ensemble that’s attention-grabbing but not off-putting.

2. Keep A Blazer Suit In Your Gym Bag

You never know who you could meet at the gym or where you could go afterwards.

It probably happens all too frequently that you have evening plans but have nothing to wear other than your gym gear or your work wear, neither of which are particularly appealing options for going out.

Keeping a back up go with everything blazer suit in your gym bag, however, means that you’ll never be caught off guard when it comes to looking your best post-workout.

3. Suit Up A Slim Build

Men who engage in activities like running, soccer or basketball tend to have a lot of lean muscle as a result of all the calories burnt during hours of cardio. So why not take some mens fashion advice and flaunt what you’ve got by slipping into a super slim-fit suit.
It’s a smart look that not many men can pull off but if you can or think you can, go for it with confidence.

4. Pick The Right Jeans For Your Body

Although men generally become bulkier after taking up a training regimen, the way that each man’s body distributes his weight and muscles is different. Some guys stay leaner on top with well-developed legs or conversely have bulkier upper bodies compared to their lower halves.

So purchase your most commonly worn item of clothing, that being jeans, according to the body you have and are working on fine-tuning.

Guys with lean legs should opt for slim fit jeans that still have room to move, so in other words not skin tight, while men with athletic legs should select straight cuts that are looser in the thigh area and still slightly tapered at the ankle.

5. Get Sporty Outside The Gym

Let the world know that you’re the athletic type by donning sports inspired street wear.

For example, this quilted puffer vest from INC International Concepts definitely has an active vibe about it and can be teamed with a wide variety of casual and smart-casual ensembles.

Wear it with your gym clothes en route to work out or team it with jeans while running errands or even pair it with a dress shirt and leather sneakers when you’re going out at night.

And there you have it some fashion and style advice for men of the athletic nature and build and how to look good and show off your body….. respectfully of course.


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