When it comes to traveling, bringing shoes along can be a bit of a pain. They take up a bunch of room in your suitcase and often get warped and squashed somewhere between point A and B. Thankfully, it looks like ACBC may have a solution in their Travel Shoes.

Using nothing more than a simple, low-profile zipper, ACBC makes it possible for users to separate the upper of a shoe from the mid and outsole. This means that you can flat-pack multiple uppers in your suitcase without sacrificing free space. And once you land? You can keep a fresh look throughout an entire week by mixing and matching ACBC soles and tops. The young company already has a number of different sole and ‘skin’ (their term for upper) styles ranging from the more formal to more athletic and laid-back looks. To top it off, you can dream-up your own look using ACBC’s on-site customization tool.

Purchase: 110$+

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