Wearing a fine fragrance, are the hallmark of a polished gentleman. The same rule applies to your home, too, so don’t aerate it with a cheap bottle of air freshener. Instead, infuse your intimate living spaces — home, office, and kitchen — with the same fine ingredients as your personal fragrance. But filling your home with a welcoming scent can become an expensive proposition. Scroll down for a lineup of the finest man candles money can buy.

7. Vetiver (Malin + Goetz)

Give any living area a fresh, rustic ambiance with this grassy vetiver candle that will smell great and burn clean thanks to its combination of beeswax, vegetable, and soy waxes.

Check it out here: MalinAndGoetz.com

6. Oud (Dyptique)

When you want to set a warm, inviting air, light this earthy man candles scented with a rare Arabic wood that’s as exotic as it is rustic.
Check it out here: Barneys.com

5. Eucalyptus & Rosemary (Lafco)

Many man candles can work in different rooms, but this company designs each one with specific rooms in mind. This extra large candle will fill your office with relaxing Eucalyptus for up to 90 hours.

Check it out here: Amazon.com

4. Incense & Embers (Jo Malone)

Want to create some holiday cheer without the predictable notes of cinnamon and gingerbread? This man candle delicately blends the smell of a smoldering fireplace with smooth incense for a rich aroma that will endure until your last guest leaves.

Check it out here: Nordstrom.com

3. Wonderwood (Commes de Garçons)

This Japanese fashion house has a line of high-end fragrances with matching candles that are as cool as their apparel. This peppery blend mixes dark woods and zesty fruit for a scent that will get your friends talking.

Check it out here: DoverStreetMarket.com

2. Santal 26 (Le Labo)

This fragrance house is known for its addictive fragrances and its equally elegant candles. The essence of this popular scent starts out woody and evolves into a smoky, leather-infused bouquet that jibes with any decor.

Check it out here: LeLaboFragrances.com

1. Royal Musk (Parfums de Marly)

For the pickiest of fragrance aficionados, this candle is the Rolls Royce of candles. A wide, thin wood wick hisses and crackles like a wood fire in its giant glass jar. Its intoxicating, luxe scent plays deep musk off fine florals — rose, jasmine, and iris. It’s the kind of fragrance experience that calls for a glass of brandy (and a hefty pocketbook). Trust us. When your home smells like the Palace of Versailles, you’ll realize it’s worth the investment.
Check it out here: PMarly.com

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