A lot of individuals overthink exercise and the format of it. They feel if they can’t get to a gym, or cut out an hour of the day for training, there is no point. I disagree – something is always better than nothing. If you can’t dedicate a set time for exercise, squeeze it in wherever you can.

1. Go to the Bathroom

Give yourself small goals during the day, for instance every time you go to the bathroom do 20 star jumps. Every morning, do ten press-ups and a one minute plank. Make it in to a game where you can tick off what you do.

2. Watch Television

Set up a stationary bike/cross trainer in front of the TV, put in a set exercise program and peddle away. Don’t stop cycling/cross training until your favourite television programme finishes.

3. Go to the Shops

If you pop to the shops do a quick sprint there and back. Time it and see if you can beat it each time.

4. Get Public Transport

Don’t take the escalators in the station, go up and down the stairs. If you ride the bus, get off a stop or two before your destination and walk the rest of the way. Remember every single bit of activity helps.

5. Clean the House

Get stuck in to the household chores. It’s amazing how many calories you can burn by just hoovering, cleaning, ironing etc. And your home will be spotless!

6. Wake up Earlier

Get up 15 minutes earlier to stretch your muscles, which will revitalise your body. You will notice a significant difference in your mood, and your body will feel stronger and more flexible.

7. Meet New Friends

I suggest joining a sports club like GO Mammoth, you can pick a sport you enjoy and get to know other individuals. Firstly, it’s fun to meet other people, and you’ll also be having too much fun to know you’re actually exercising.

Most importantly, don’t get discouraged. Remember: something is always better than nothing. The real secret is to have fun while you exercise, thereby creating positive habits that reward you with ‘feel good’ feelings.

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