Anthem is the new game from BioWare, the studio behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age. The new IP is a departure from the developer’s past work in the RPG genre. In fact, Anthem isn’t an RPG at all. It’s described as an action-adventue game running on a “live service,” similar to Destiny.

In Anthem, you play as a freelancer in a city protected by a wall from the dangers of the wild. Freelancers use special exo-suits called Javelins. There are two types of suits: Ranger, a balanced suit, and Colossus, which is basicaly your tank version.

The Anthem has been delayed until 2019.

Here’s the first gameplay trailer for Anthem:

Enemies showcased in the trailer include a mixture of wildlife and robots. The game will take place in an open-world environment and will feature cinematic dialogue sections, which isn’t a surprise from BioWare.

Also be sure to check out the first teaser trailer for the studio’s next game:

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