Right now there is a fierce argument going on among economists; is modern technology making us any more productive? Or has it just added a bunch of distracting bells and whistles to our daily lives? We’re not sure where we land on this, but we do think the Beerjet 6 is the perfect piece of evidence for those in the pro-technology camp.

Designed to pour 6 beers at a time in under 10 seconds (that’s 1,000 16-ounce beers an hour), this thing saves up to 30% more beer than old-school drafts. This is all thanks to an internal pneumatic glass tilting system and taps equipped with automatic volume controlled. Those pieces of tech combined with the internal computer make it so the operator can control speed, volume, and even the amount of foam. We’re definitely not economists, but more beer seems like a good thing to us. Though…we’re not sure it’s going to necessarily make us more productive. Either way, tip your bartender John Henry well, because his days are numbered.


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