The futuristic bicycle before you is called Furia and it’s a spectacular concept imagined by Italian designer Francesco Manocchio to show us how bikes could look like in the next couple of years, with 3D printed parts and materials. But his vision about future bicycles also involves an innovative hub center steering concept, that would be really interesting to see how it works.

The designer created six stunning renderings for this project, that are so detailed and impressive that you might actually confuse them with the real deal. Furia is still just a design study right now, but we could already see ourselves riding one of these beauties in the near future.

Francesco Manocchio’s design is an inspiration to us all, delivering insightful perspectives with unexpected methods and materials. The full-scale 3D model was produced with a MakerBot ‘replicator 2x’ printer and features hub-center steering inspired by the motorcycle world, just like the one seen on Bimota’s ‘tesi 3D’ concept.

Winner of an award for excellence in design already, Furia could influence many other high-end bikes and performance-oriented designs in the next couple of years. We’re looking forward to that!

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