Generally speaking, the average leather belt makes short work of its primary purpose: holding up your pants. But, that’s about all they do. The folks at SlideBelts, however, have taken that classic fashion accessory and reinvigorated it – both with a unique buckle system and by filling some of them with some helpful built-in EDC tools. Their best, however, might be their Survival Belt.

Made in the USA from a unique proprietary material consisting of an internal webbing core and a protective TPU alloy protective shield, this belt is designed to survive even the harshest of conditions and stays rigid even when twisted. And, unlike your average belt, the proprietary buckle system doesn’t require belt holes and, therefore, will last far longer without the stress and stretching caused by traditional buckles. Best of all, however, the glass-filled nylon buckle itself hides away 4 helpful tools within it – including an AUS8 steel knife blade, and integrated bottle opener, a fire-starting ferro rod, and an LED flashlight. And it can be yours for $150.

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