The playthings of rappers, oil barons and Hollywood actors, the dreams of budding sports stars and Bitcoin investors. Few of us will ever take to the water on anything resembling a luxury superyacht, but that doesn’t mean we can’t marvel at the imagination, creativity and outright audacity that goes into their dramatic designs.

So let’s take a wander through the rarefied air of the superyacht world, from concepts that will be built to order, to fully realized water-craft slicing through the waves as we speak. All are extreme examples of ultimate luxury, though some are a little coy about their luxuriousness, hiding movie theaters and swimming pools away beneath relatively standard observation decks. Others don’t even bother, like the 70-m (230 ft) Xhibitionist trimaran that sports a helipad with space for three choppers right there on the roof.

Also featured are elegant exteriors shaped by the experienced hands of automotive heads dipping their toes into maritime design for the first time, waterfalls and solar-powered luxury catamarans with unlimited range.


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