In a dystopian futurescape of decimated metropolitan wastelands, a motorcycle rips through terrain connecting the sprawling nothingness that is left of the place we once called home. This may sound like the theme of a classic sci-fi thriller, but for the husband and wife team at Droog Moto, this is the inspiration that fuels the design of their bikes, especially this Yamaha FZ-09 simply known as ‘Moto 3.’

Stripping down the naked past it’s already minimal factory dressing, Max and Erica Droog got to work on the build by ditching the stock body panels, fenders, and subframe. The subframe got replaced by a custom unit to accept the new seat and eliminate the rear half of the bike, giving an extra short look to an already stubby moto. Each light was removed, then LED tail and headlights were added for a sleek, minimal look, leaving turn signals behind. The fuel tank was then given the customary Droog distressed treatment, which was complemented by the large Continental semi-knobby tires and a one-off radiator cover, elements that push the go-anywhere, do-anything style of the bike to the next level.


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